Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fiction Series - Story Seven

Picture Courtesy : Sakshi Gurnani

Convoluted paths , they say.
Meandering around this life in monotony I say. Intricately folded is my heart is what you say.

I hear the thud of footsteps around me, with streetlights as my guidelines but is my destination where I want to be?
I am coiled in thoughts full of words and memories but a part of you in me begins to slow burn everyday and every time.
Is this me moving on or staying still, I am not quite aware of but somewhere deep down this chaos I find pieces of you.
A while ago my mind forbid my heart of seeing you but my weak knees find their way back, back to you.
Nothing’s in sync. Just fragments of you.
But I am certain that these bits and pieces of memories will blur out, just like you did , so conveniently from my life.
I am perplexed at my own indecisiveness but that’s what one becomes right? When the mind doesn’t pay any heed to the heart.
Lights, several universal signs are scattered like little scurrying rats trying their best to awaken my intellect but what part of intellect plays a role in love?
I know I must refuse these thoughts.
I know I must refuse these hopes.
I know I must follow the lights.
But maybe this time, just this time, I am the odd man out.
Because I am relentlessly and irrevocably in love with just pieces of you that are hidden somewhere while I drag on with the belief that you might look back, maybe.

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  1. loved what you've written.
    Also, stalked back your old posts! Found each story of the series, interesting. :)
    You write really well.

  2. Aww..very nicely written Suniti..yet again!
    Hope..that's what helps us live in the end.


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