Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fiction Series - Story Six

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He had been her companion, perhaps the only one.
The nights where doubts created a place in her mind, he faded them undoubtedly with subtlety in his words and eyes filled with perfection.

The days where havoc just didn't seem to lose sight of her , he came around and made one moment right for her , for awhile, lasting enough.
The walls she build around her heart agreeably broke down with his coming in.

Love, felt and thrived equally between them lifting them away to another journey where only the outlines of his smile and her loud laughter resided.
They lived because of this, for this.

Events in life took a sudden misfortunate turn but he was there.
With her, at every step, every block, every yard, every street, every breath, around her.

He didn't think of her craziness to be vague, he didn't think of her rattling to be jabbers. He heard them, heard them all.
Finally he heard about his limited time.
Kisses, comfort, love, lust, cries and smiles.
He slipped away gracefully leaving nothing but him in her heart.

Looking at his picture frame, her ordeal and state of mind had nothing to do with the world, only him. She broke down silently because sometimes that was all that was left to do and breathed in every moment , tears flowing down , reminiscing.

Because indeed he had been there for her all the time. However, not anymore.
Oh sweet love, if only life was long.


  1. Suniti, this is such a lovely story. I want read more stories like these.
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    1. Thank you so much Amena :)
      I shall keep writing! xx

  2. Another lovely piece of fiction!

  3. Awww..this is so beautiful Suniti! So so beautiful!

  4. Suniti,
    Every fiction post you just get better. And I love how the story flows. It's just so beautiful!


    1. Thank you Sonshu, you're really sweet :)

  5. this is beautiful. Lovely story! Keep it up :)
    that floral love love. Long live B K Market ;)
    You look super trendy in this outfit Sayantani! Go girl go!!!

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