Know Me

Quite a spurt answer one receives when they question me , "Tell me something about you"

Oh well really, how am I even supposed to frame my sentence?
About me?
Should they be affiliated with the fact that my restless mind and heart are never in sync with each other?
Or should they be aware that my decision makings are quite abrupt?
That I take each day as it comes?
That my heart clogs up with so many experiences, situations, feelings but still reserves some place for more?
That's an honestly awkward situation to be put into.

Should they know that every little detail passing in and out my mind is being hoarded at some place, so that I could confront these at my own time and place?
Procrastination is my lovely little companion, not only in terms of my internal frantic behavior but also concerning workload.
Well none mentioned above can be told to anyone because some feelings are best described written.
And that's where my chaotic mind finds peace in writing/typing down the intensity of every emotion.
Being still a college student, awaiting to live experiences.
Awaiting and then waiting some more for my muse, the inspiration that I hang onto. To get through, sometimes.
And then in my mind there exists a parallel universe which is filled with hope and color. Eyes gleaming when noticing my favorite store and every pulse in my body thudding for that purchase. Yes, shopping.
It's exhilaration for me, to free myself of my own glitches.

So yes, that is exactly what this blog is about
Modish - A little style
Muse- A little inspiration.
Or you could say that some of my aspirations are still finding their own way.
Join me , as I write my way through it.


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