Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Letter From Daughter To Mother

Dear Mother,

Do you remember the time when I was small  and I told you I wanted to be a dance choreographer just because I learned some new moves? Back then I didn't even know to pronounce 'choreography' but then you smiled and told me that I would be the best choreographer in the whole world. However unrealistic that may sound to others that is when I started dreaming, that is when there would be a twinkle in my eye for whenever you praised me.

Do you remember the time when I said I wanted to be a RJ just because I thought I sounded nice? You laughed in the car and told "Okay suni, do a demo for me" I, in my confident state started to jabber some lines and you told me that I did pretty well.

Every year I would come up with new career plans, new inspiration, new hobby, new desire but you never ever made me sound stupid even though the ideas were practically beyond stupid. Maybe I never spoke my heart out but I didn't find the need to because sooner or later you always guessed something was awfully wrong with me. Before I could tell you I felt sick , I was already cured.You made my favorite food for lunch even though you were running late for work because you knew the fussy me. I remember crying, bitterly over my marks but you told me that the marks weren't important and the effort that I put in was. You bought me a new dress for my wardrobe just because I went berserk over it even though you knew I had hundreds of other dresses lying in.

Sometimes I didn't understand you when I wasn't allowed for late nights, I didn't understand you when I was  refrained from doing something, I didn't understand you when you told me to spend wisely. I still don't, but it doesn't matter.

Life isn't always happy and pretty but through the downs of life you always looked pretty with your radiant smile.You walked on the floor in your happy stride managing work and house but you still made us all laugh. There were moments when I cried just because I couldn't stand lying to you and you hugged me and appreciated my honesty instead of getting mad at me.You still gave me an extra hundred bucks knowing that I really wasn't even out of cash. You gave me great pep talks just to make sure I didn't go astray. I've heard your laughs and looked up smiling at you.

We've had our share of gossip talks, small cries, cranky moments and endless laughter and through it all I've learnt things and I shall still keep learning my way out of life. I still don't know why things get tough and why we are put in situations that sometimes cause us pain but I do know something.I know how to stand strong and get through them to face the light and I thank you mother for these values because you've demonstrated this so beautifully. I dont know how I will go through the confusion in my head but all I know is that I am laughing with you right now and it's perfect.You made me grow up in a pretty house and I've had the best days with you.

Isn't there so much strength involved in what you do that goes unnoticed?
I know that it isn't humanly possible for me to write down all my feelings because there are tons of things that have gone unsaid here.
However, I take this chance and  thank you!
Right here and right now.
You're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world.
I love you.
Happy mothers day.

Your Daughter.


  1. Such a beautiful post :) Absolutely love it!

  2. Amazingly written!

    When people express themselves from their HEART, it says its all.

    It's really inspiring ! Keep it up .
    Hoping for more like these .


  3. Fashionnista Naush14 May 2012 at 14:33

    Suniti jus came across ur blog..n dis post..cud'nt help but jus relate to every bit of it..
    N ur in d perfect field,u turn out to be a fab writer..
    Goodluck :)

    1. Its Naudhina :)

    2. Thank you naush :D
      good to hear from you after a long time


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