Wednesday, 16 May 2012

ModishAndMuse features Svelte Clothing

Doesn't fashion differ from each perspective? To some fashion is comfort, to others fashion it is extravagance and to me it is a striking combination of both! I've got this knack of shopping in a budget and while shopping with a budget it definitely keeps me alert and at the same time my 'most needed' things comes in the forefront.Sometimes that streak of shopaholic-ism takes over me and the splurge doesn't seem to stop. This is exactly what happened to me at Svelte's first exhibition. A girl aged 16 recently launched her brand and on my way to the exhibition I thought to myself ' What could a 16 yr old possibly create? normal stuff?" Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. Pleasantly surprised, I glanced through the collection and what really caught my eye wasn't just the trendy and stylish collection that I fell in love with but the prices! Oh yes, the prices were reasonable.Which girl wouldn't drool over stylish still very 'in the budget' stuff?

The doll behind this brand is Gaurika Chabbria who is an aspiring stylist and a childhood friend, she has already taken a head start. The exhibition wasn't like the usual ones I've been too. It was buzzing with crowd , people at the bill counter waiting to get their most liked stuffed ,girly and women chatter going around and of course the eye-catching clothes, accessories and bags! I couldn't really blog about the event but nonetheless I got hold of her and fixed up a date just to showcase her clothing.

5 questions with Gaurika

1. Didn't you want to explore options? Why a brand of your own at this age?
 My mom, being a single parent has taught me always to stand on my own feet and this brand is a step towards it.

2. Why the name svelte?
 Svelte means sophistication and elegance. This word compliments my brand style very well.

3.  This brand caters to what crowd?
 This brand is a collection of funky and trendy stuff ranging from clothes , shoes , bags and accessories. Basically teenage inclined.

4.The pricing is spectacular, how did you manage to keep the collection stylish still reasonable?
It isn't about the profits for me, it is about creating a goodwill with my clients and making sure they get what they want. Will always strive to provide fashionable range and keep them happy!

5.  What makes svelte different?
Svelte is wearable and affordable with a seemingly fashionable touch to it.

Here is a sneak peak of Svelte's new collection xx

All the clothes and bags from Svelte's recent collection
My heels - Charles and Keith
Gaurika's heels- Sole to Sole

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Photo Credits : Shagun Nasta <3


  1. Are you sure this Miss G is just 16? Cos she's definitely got way more going for her than many other 16 year olds I know! Love both the dresses, they are perfect for summer and remind me of happy bright things! Adore!

    Kudos to you pretty ladies!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. I loved your shoes and Gaurika's as well..lovely dresses you girls are wearing..:)
    way to go girls..:)

    Elegance Stylized Blog❤

  3. WOw, love the colors and romantic lines of the the dresses! She sure is talented!! Thanks for introducing Svelte!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  4. 16 years old and with an affordable, stylish brand and she cares about her customers! And she is that pretty too boot :) This girl has got a bright future ahead :D

  5. The the dresses! you girls look adorable:)

  6. You both look like movie stars in these pics!
    Your blog is really chic Suniti, it was really nice to meet you today :)

  7. just sixteen and such creativity...i find her designs really wearable and chic ! available online ??
    wish her all d luck and shopaholic girls ! :P

  8. 16? Really! I love the clothes..she is really really talented!

  9. wow, u girls look fab! just came across ur blog and we are loving it!
    welcome us as ur new followers!
    do visit us too, and follow back, if you like what you see :)
    the blog is a virtual birthday surprise for my bestie. would be glad if u could drop by ur wishes!

    looking fwd to more posts from ur side!

  10. OMG. 16? Wow.

    I really like what she's wearing. Also your shoes! Both of you look stunning! :) Really wonderful!

    Kudos to her. Wow.



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