Monday, 14 May 2012

Her Silent Words

< This includes a short story of a girl who has gone through sexual abuse at a very young age. Just a small fiction created by me. The sad part being that any kind of child sexual abuse isn't considered to be a crime in India and at the cost of this many young girls are subject to such treatment. Finally an appeal has been made to the Supreme Court of India regarding the same and let us hope for the best. My inspiration to write this was the new TV show named Satyamev Jayate (hosted by Aamir Khan) that led me to compose this >

My Story

Tender and fragile, she.
She loved the smell of freshly baked cookies and adored the sight of colorful balloons.

Her favorite hobby included sauntering in the garden and running around in her favorite clothing dressed in pink from head to toe.

Little did she know that she was in for a surprise, a surprise that somehow would shock her, in a literal way.

Sitting on the couch with her new pastel colors, she started to gleam.
He entered the hallway as a jolly old fellow who was most respected by her family.
His tall figure enchanted her, a thrill went through her body at seeing him for the first time.

He reached out for her hand which seemed to be in the most loving way and she froze.
No, that touch wasn't soothing or friendly. That touch possessed an overwhelming impish feeling to it.

Unfortunately, every opportunity was seized by him, for the sick-minded man didn't think of this to be wrong at all. During the process,
She became emotionless > How couldn't she cry her heart out when all she wished was someone to pay heed to those tears?

She became numb > How couldn't she move an inch when all she wanted was escapism?

She became unbearably quiet > How couldn't she scream when all she wanted to do was shout till her voice faded so at least somebody noticed that this wasn't her normal behavior?

These feelings left her bemused.

Over time , she mastered the art of stoicism ( feeling of pain without emoting it)
The doings by him was finally put to a halt and when it happened she cursed herself as to why wasn't she defiant earlier?
The physical pain ended, the mentally scarred pain remained.

Everytime she closed her eyes , all she saw was a dark paradise.
The past haunts her occasionally and all she keeps asking is ' Did I deserve this?'
She's left answerless, her emotions are unfelt and all her teary eyes plead is for a happy childhood.
Which amusingly seems like a myth to her because such filthy men are still left loose in this world.


  1. Lovely piece. I'm glad that you wrote this, because this is exactly what Satyamev Jayate wants to achieve- awareness.

    Keep up the good work, darling.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. This is beautiful!
    It's really sad, that so many people go through it and many don't EVER tell anyone :$
    Thanks to the show, awareness has increased! I just hope it keeps getting better.
    BTW why do you not have a followers gadget? The Google friends connect one? :S
    Also, if you get time, I wrote a similar post, called Tainted Innocence on 'tales of her and by her' , if you get time, check it out :) It's on the right hand under fiction.


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