Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Since a few days I've been in a colossal mess. Handling college and work. Projects and studies. Reading and shooting. And then fading into deep tired sleep. At times like these when I am so tired and when coming home from work/tiring day and I happen to go for an outing for the night I certainly don't have any energy left in me , to prep myself up entirely or dress extraordinarily. In any case, it doesn't mean you can't dress well!
So yes, when I'm in a complete hurry or in a super hassle I put on my skirt or simple to-go dresses that don't need much time to attend to as well as it leaves me comfortable throughout the evening. Also, I certainly don't want those heels torturing me since I am more of a flats and ballet person, I'd choose them any day!
Down below is a picture of my sister (Namrata Jham), I helped her get dressed for the evening and I couldn't resist myself from clicking a picture of hers and putting it up here because it's so colorful and comfortable.


For Namrata : She wore a plain floral dress, with red pumps paired with a green blazer. Some people get really conscious of their arms including my sister and I but that doesn't stop us from actually wearing or trying out dresses. Since, she was getting dressed in a jiffy she quickly paired this dress with a blazer giving it a subtle edge with a black frill clutch.

For me : I wore a plain red dress that clings to the centre of my waist area giving it some shape, and paired it with golden flats which I wore in this post here , since the dress was too plain I also sported a golden chained necklace by adding some gold accents to it and also a  quick basic make-up of kohl and pinkish lipstick.

On me :  
Dress - Myntra.com
Flats - Dubai
Necklace - Spyra
Watch - Jennifer Lopez

On Namrata : 
Dress - Gifted
Heels - ZARA
Blazer - Fashionandyou.com
Clutch - Forever New
 Ring - Spyra

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  1. You look lovely in red! I have a similar dress in black :D And I also love your sister's blazer

  2. Love the red and gold combination :) You look lovely !

  3. Would it be cliched if I said you both look alike? Also, your sister indeed does look amazing. Love the blazer. Also, love what you are wearing, red totally suits you!


  4. Both of you look so GOOD and charming :)

  5. love your blog. checked it out today first time ever, and its great! i love the look u r carrying n that of ur sister too!

  6. super super super pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. both looks are stunning dear! you look so chic and gorgeous xx

    Letters To Juliet

  8. You Jham girls are absolutely gorgeous, aren't you. Beautiful, beautiful genes! Also, finally catching up on your blog because I have been just as busy, if not more! love the colours on both of you!!

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]


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