Friday, 9 November 2012

Fiction Series - Story Five

I sat atop the hill,waiting. For you.
I knew there was something definite about your promise with the intensity with which you described your future with me, beginning from this hill whilst escaping it. It had been five hours and counting. When you told me you'd be here in less than five minutes. And I still lay here on this prickly grass and the wind gave me all its summer warmth with each passing blow. The sky turned into its pinkish hue giving out the indication of the setting sun right before my eyes, a good enough reason for me to get up and walk back home to where I belong but you said that I didn't belong there, I belonged only in your arms exactly where I was ought to reside. I kept my mind from wandering but it did nothing else but that.

I thought of the possibilities, the promises, your impish face, the warmth when I embraced you, your smile that undoubtedly brought a smile onto my face as well. I thought of our fingers, intertwined. I thought of nothing but you. I thought of you lifting me away from this hilly terrain, into the wild and out into the new city where you always said we'd spend our lives. I thought of you walking towards me any moment and turning my dreams into reality, with you. Far away, into our own sweet space. But there was nothing except the ruffling leaves beside me.
There was no you. There was no lifting away. There was no taking away.

I couldn't even curse myself for having entertained these thoughts when you were the one who had rightly planted the seed for these and yet I couldn't loathe you for that. I was sick of being my own savior, sick of believing false promises and moreover sick of my frail heart.
If only I hadn't trusted you. For this escape. 
I lifted myself and my bags and quickly thought of an excuse I'd tell my parents for coming home this late.

I turned back and when my eyes flicked from bottom to top, I knew it was you. Oh dear you. Yes reader, I may have led you to imagine something entirely the opposite but I can't blame you, those hasty  thoughts was all I could think of. Now, it didn't matter reader. 
You had come, late but not forgotten. I breathed a heavy sigh and you quickly came near me and gently caressed me, with each kiss and each touch I felt my rush of agony dissolve. I didn't want to know why you were eternally late, you had come. 
You had come.
My heart and soul, at peace. With you.
And you fulfilled your promise.
The escape.


  1. nice post & blog! Maybe we follow each other ?! Let me know :) Greetings

  2. You actually let my imagination run wild, loved the intensity and depth. Truly touching. Are those pictures your clicks? They are beautiful as well.

    Love these fiction posts!



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