Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fiction Series : Story Four

                                                                            THE GUSH

A lot has been said and a lot has been done.
The morning fights and arguments, constantly.
The bitter words and silent stares, aggressively.
The fading love and pretense care, periodically.
She grew up learning that true love was a myth, a myth so true that she wondered why people around her even believed in phrases like ‘happily ever afters’
Isolating herself over the years , she wondered if companionship was even an applicable word by itself.
She refrained from anything that brought her uttermost happiness because even in the state of her happiest feeling she almost believed that it was a dream, a trick by the universe, teasing her with happiness.
She thought miracles, smiles and tinkles were an alien concept because all she had connected with was despair, grieve and grudge.

How could she believe in happily ever afters when her parents were a solid example of a proven broken marriage?
How could she attain companionship or the security of confiding in somebody when her only friend had slipped away, far from this universe? Up with the mighty heaven.
How could she even think about happiness when wherever she went she met sadness and then darkness became her only hope since her tears trickled down, achieving salvation.
How could she believe in miracles when life itself had played a game with her , a game so huge where the only thing she could exceed in was failure?

Walking down the beach , scanning the nature around her she wondered about these tiny perfect sand particles.How they just lay there, near the shore waiting for those beautiful waves to take them in with each tide. She watched the huge waves coming towards the shore in constant motion, never befriending, always moving with certainty. She took in the moist smell, the soft breeze touching the contours of her skin, like a friend, she took in the essence of the place. The beach being forever pristine with the sun rising with its warmth and with the sun setting with its fresh air, always serene.
She felt associated with the rock lying around in the corner, 'a rock like heart' and that is what she'd become. 

She started to move towards the waves, slowly and steadily with each step she felt as though she had left the world behind, leaving it on its own to carry on its hardships. Another step and she could feel the earth sinking her in. Closing her eyes, the so-called flashback didn’t seem to provide any meaning to her because there just wasn’t any thought to smile upon. And right now, at this point it just felt like the right thing to do, maybe society wouldn’t understand, maybe they would take this act as foolishness but she didn’t care because this same society never understood and never corrected her foolishness. Now it was too late.
Another step , she went sinking.
The waves enveloped her, taking her in with its huge consistency.
Making her finally feel a part of a world, a part of darkness.
One last breath and she dissolved. Into the rush , into the gush.
Into belongingness. Into perfect bliss.

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Note : This is just an act of fiction, it isn't created with the concept for it to lead to misconceptions and misguided feelings.

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  1. You are getting better with your writing Suniti!

  2. Agree with Sayantani there. You're getting better with each passing day, sweetheart.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. That pic captured the esence of the write-up so beautifully :)


  4. Hey Suniti, Just stumbled upon your blog..It felt like a breath of fresh air, great photos, great styling and terrific writing..gladly following you now!!

    Love from Sydney


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