Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What's In My Bag?

 Before college began I did a little 'What To Keep In My Bag' shopping. That may sound a bit stupid but trust me if you're the one traveling in Bombay from north to down south by local trains it's pretty much needed. So here is a little 'What's In My Bag' post. These are my small and essential things that keep me comfortable and keep me going, everyday.

My cute stationary <3

The nick nacks I need for refreshment 

Messy Love
2 notebooks
Guess wallet
Three fold umbrella
A small napkin
H&M lipbalm
Victoria's Secret Body Mist
Revlon Blush
Colossal Kajal
Diamond studded hairband
Marks & Spencer's Hand cream
Small hair clips
Aldo satchel

Also Ladies,
Enjoy the lovely monsoon weather :)

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Much Love,


  1. the stationary IS cute! loved the cute little panda! :D

  2. Perfect list !
    also add paper soap strip?? or a gud sanitizer ??
    that bow thing is adorable.hair pin ?

  3. @ Sandhyaa
    Yes, that'll be on my list soon :)
    Also yes, it is a hair clip!

  4. Nice post. Always nice to see what's in someone's bag :-).



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