Saturday, 14 July 2012


< As you all know my exciting BMM (Mass Media) course has begun, with that keeping me occupied I haven't had much time to blog and after this post I promise you an outfit post for college wear.
Anyway continuing, what inspired me to come up with this post was the topic given to us by our professor. The topic being 'Barriers in Communication', and so I used the concept of being blind, here I presented it in an emotional way where the concept still applies. The barriers felt in a blind person's life, however there's always a silver lining, read on >

It's darkness.
Darkness to the extent where I possibly can't see the bright sunlight seeping in through my windows but I sure can hear the sweet chirping of the birds.

Darkness to the extent where I can't see the laughter and cries on my loved ones faces but I  sure can feel the intensity of their laughter and cries, thudding in my heart as well.

Darkness to the extent where I can't see the lush greenery that surrounds me but I  sure can feel the soft breeze through my face.

Darkness to the extent where I end up choosing my friends not on their looks but nature. Their presence assures me, for long.

Darkness to the extent where I can't see the person right next to me holding my hand, helping me cross but I sure can feel immense rush of gratitude, that being the best feeling ever.

Darkness to the extent where the day and night don't matter but the memories made do.

Darkness to the extent where I can't  judge the novel I am reading by its cover but I sure can enunciate each word in my head, feeling it all.

Darkness to the extent where I don't fear the night anymore because it's this night that soothes my anxieties, I've learned to make peace with fear.

Darkness to the extent where there really isn't any darkness for me because once I make the best out of worse a tinkling feeling is felt, liberation.

This darkness hasn't taught me to live in the dark.
The light created around this darkness, guides and enlightens me.
You could call it my dark happy shield.
And you thought your life was filled with endless problems? Try the blindfold, you won't be the same again.
I bloom with the light in my dark space with pure happiness, I cry when I am sad and I laugh when I am happy because life really is that simple. 


  1. This darkness is good and we just always assume darkness is bad but it really isn't. I love it Suniti! You know you write beautifully!
    The last true!

  2. Oohhh :D I love how you've expressed it, with darkness, beautiful and deep.


  3. Suniti, beautiful post. I'm glad you are drawing inspiration from your education, because that shows your true passion shining through!

    Love, Miffalicious []


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