Saturday, 30 June 2012

Memory And Man

Man : Why do I ridiculously feel your presence amidst things?

Memory : Don't you realize you are equally responsible as I?

Man : Oh don't you say that!
I've spent days wasting my time to focus.
I've spent nights wasting my time to get myself some sleep, I just can't.
You are omnipresent in my head, the throb of recollection.
You are omnipresent in my heart, the rustle of tears.

Memory : Well I am the throb of recollection because your buried thoughts went unheeded, I am the rustle of tears because you find solace in soaking your eyes, liberating.

Man : I yearn for peace, not for memories saddening.

Memory : You can't yearn for peace when you can't free yourself from hindrance. You make a safe place for your pain and never encounter it. Deal with it, feel it, let go of it and then peace penetrates.

In the end, it all fades.
Vanishes in the snap of a finger, reappears like spark.
Depending on how long you pay attention to it, it thrives.
And then time plays an important role in blurring it and the mind plays an important role in saving the bits and pieces of memories you wish to remember.
Such a vicious circle, man and memory, this.

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  1. Firstly I love the banner. Its so freaking pretty.

    Second, I love non-fashion related posts too. :) You write well.

    The conversation was indeed a pleasure to read. I liked your ending note.


  2. You have a nice blog.
    Liked the way you writes.


  3. Suniti you've written it so well! We all grow through this no..not letting go of memories. But times does help. A lot. New memories replace old ones!

  4. its a beautiful post Suniti. I've been reading ure posts since past 20 min and I'm glued to it. Girl uve done an amazing job!!!!

  5. beautiful words!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog


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