Friday, 15 June 2012


Earrings- Aldo
I've always been a lover of delicate, simple and sober things.
Yes, that's true.
If I had a choice between bling and a classic crisp white shirt and jeans, I'd pick the white shirt!
No, my eyes will never search for something colorful, will never search for something jazzed up or something with sequins, it'll look around the color-ladden room and finally it'll always lay its eyes upon something that is simple.
I believe in simple old classics, something that I can remove right out of my closet years after and still look at it and say "Hey, this still seems perfect for the occasion!"
And this is exactly what happened at this shoot, a seemingly old dress that has been in my closet for over three years and I remove it and smile that I-know-what-to-do-now-smile, perfectto. 

These are one of the favorite earrings that I posses, they're Indian but this time I paired them up with a simple plain baby pink dress.
A fusion you could say, but still it's delicate with it's beautiful intricate work.

Tip : Plain dresses in various colors prove to be handy because these can be used very well during a crisis situation, Oh yes, because they're nothing over-the-top, you could go mellow with the accessories or just jazz it up, your way works the best!

Dress - AnjaliAndHashita (Dubai)

Sometimes it's just fine not to bother about the on-going trend alerts, about the must-haves in your closet, about the perfect needed shoes or that in-style dress. Sometime it's just about enough to go out there and purchase something you love. It could be stupid, jazzy or extravagant but it's your happiness that counts <3

                                                                   "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
                                                                                                   - Leonardo da Vinci

Photo credits - Shagun Nasta

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  1. Right so how gorgeous do you look in this post? That colour is definitely yours for the taking, and you, my dear, are delectable. Enough said.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. I totally relate with you on the simplicity thing. I always go to a store and my eyes search around and always rest on something simple.

    You look gorgeous. Colour suits you and love those accessories!

  3. I can't agree with you more on this! great post :)

    New post up
    D.I.Y Over-sized ethnic clutch

  4. Suni, you look gorgeous :*
    Love your earrings.

  5. Absolutely stunning! And the earings, they are to die for :*

  6. Simply love your simplicity suni :D and those accessories!<3

  7. Completely agree with you on simplicity thing - one of my previous was about it too :)
    You have the prettiest hair btw!

  8. You look so lady-like and pretty! And the earrings go beautifully with the dress! Simplicity at its best!

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  10. Elegant!

    Pink suits you well and I completely believe in simplicity too.



  11. Love your ring and earring! And your are right- simple is tasteful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  12. This dress is so pretty, love the colour!

  13. I love this look. The dress is so pretty, but your earrings and ring is to die for. Fab styling.
    Happy Blogging,
    Fashionopolis By Amena
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