Friday, 22 June 2012

A Little Of 'Me'

I finally start to think about writing a post regarding certain small secrets about me. Oh yes, I know that as a matter of fact there are many others out there like me who are dicey, impulsive and still happy at heart, reading this.

A quick question to avid readers :
Have you ever had this instant connection with a character in a book that you're reading or you've read before? You read constantly and start murmuring to yourself , 'Oh my God that's how I would've totally behaved.' or ' That is so much like me.' Have you ? Ever?
Well I have and it's from Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series and needless to say it's Rebecca Bloomwood (Becky). Her entire persona is etched on to me. Maybe I am a clone of her or vice versa because I find myself in gazillions of crisis and I am starting to feel that 'crisis' has this special connection with me and it will never let go off me easily. Anyway moving on, Becky is a shopaholic. Semi Becky-wise I too go berserk when I see something I love in a store and while passing by a store I feel like it's calling out to me , 'Suniti, we've missed you, come back in here and get yourself gorgeous pieces.' but I have one policy, I NEVER enter a store when I have no money on me because seeing stunning clothing and not being able to buy them makes me feel like committing temporary suicide.

Confession : I am always broke after a shopping trip and when I say always I mean ALWAYS. How many of you feel and behave the same as I?
I am not broke in a oh-my-god-I-have-less-cash kind of way but in a oh-my-god-I-have-NO-cash-to-go-back-home kind of way. And you know what? That still makes me happy, happy because my mind is so badly overtaken by a blissful feeling after purchasing that any negation coming my way doesn't affect me. Now that is a rueful thing about me. I pity myself for being so naive and somehow that's the same naiveness I can associate with all time. Making purchases wisely or precisely is unlike me.
I am incomprehensible. Period.

And I'm guessing maybe that's the reason my parents don't take me shopping with them because they too end up coming back home broke because I make them purchase things they thought they never even needed in their wildest dreams.
Also, recently I was under probation because I had been over spending and mom was giving me a quick pep talk about being reasonable when concerning money and later we both nodded in agreement that my incessant purchases would stop, that same moment the door bell rings and the delivery guy from an online shopping site hands my mom my package and bill. Mom and I both chuckled and she gave me that you're-never-gonna-change sigh.

You may think my ranting is unstoppable but since you're still reading this can I confess another thing anyway?
Whenever I purchase something I suck in the entire joy from it. Oh yes, I enter this mystical phase where my senses are so enlightened with that perfect garment in my hand, I can't stop myself from sounding like a maniac right now but it is what it is.

I think I am kind of orating here but I connect shopping with life.
It's like you enter this huge store and all you see are variations, possibilities, options etc and that's the same with life. You go up to the rack and pick your best option but then again it's how you make that option look best on you because even the most branded garment with a so-not-needed attitude could kill the entire look. Similarly, in life we come across tons of options and the option chosen as to how it's molded beautifully is what counts.

Here is a little sneak peak into my messy world where I am comfortable in my good old space (home)

I have no idea what I'm doing here

Dress - StyleDrive

And now ModishAndMuse wishes you Happy Shopping.
Because what's a good thing if not taken in excess?

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  1. You look so happy and that matters more than anything else. I can so relate with this because its the same with me!

    And we shopaholics can understand each other right?

    One of my fav posts <3


  2. Now we feel we can relate to you in the way you relate to Becky in the book! Everything we go through has been penned down in this post! *sigh*

    And btw, we can't help but chuckle on the 2nd picture :P

  3. Sunitii, i don't remember the last time i read a book, where in i could relate myself to any character. But after what i just read i'm here to say that you and me, totally relate in this case.
    love it ! <3

    StyleKey :*

  4. I totally get what you say! I'm an impulsive shopper, which is not a good thing really! I try to control though and yes, sometimes only sometimes I succeed!

  5. I totally get what you say! I'm an impulsive shopper, which is not a good thing really! I try to control though and yes, sometimes only sometimes I succeed!

  6. You are such a sweetheart, and you light up my life. This post makes me smile and chuckle, because it is such a beautiful quality to have, to be able to be happy in impulsiveness. Truth be told, I am the exact opposite; it takes me a lot to shop, and even then, I ponder and wonder for much longer than necessary about what I should and should not have. Which is why your character makes me happy, and makes me want to give you a hug. Impulsiveness is beautiful. As are you!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  7. ha ha I think most of us share the same feeling...I am no exception :) I am loving your heels here !!

    Check out my new post...

  8. I think we all have similar overflowing wardrobe lol

  9. OMG i have been facing the exact same problem! I used pray for online shopping to get better and now like you said, my doorbell keeps ringing. Haha

    Ps- The dress looks great on you.

  10. Absolutely dear.. there's always a character that we can associate with and it feels like the author had been spying on us our whole lives and then decided to write about :)
    and if shopping makes you happy then wat's wrong in it? I too am just like you.. my mum refuses to go shopping with me.. she's scared i'll bring the entire mall back with me :D
    do check out my blog

  11. Your messy world looks cute with you in between :)

  12. Finally. Yayy, its worked ! :D

  13. The dress look great on you:)
    P.S: i come home broke too after my shopping trips. Moving to online shopping now;)

    New post alert!

  14. haha, thats's the story of almost all of us, aint it!? :D
    But broke or not, its ALWAYS worth it! ;)

    welcome us as ur new followers! :)
    do drop by r blog, sometime!


  15. I definitely have the same shopping problem, haha! Very cute dress you're wearing here, the colour is so pretty!

  16. you look happy n lovely! love ur blog
    lets follow each other?
    im ur new follower on gfc .hope u follow me back via gfc and like my facebook page also :)

  17. Haha, can't agree more! :D
    The dress looks amazing on you, btw! :)

  18. loving your shoes! i wanna raid your closet haha! :P
    Following you! Follow me back if you wish! :)
    check out my blog for new fashion related posts and one including some yummy food by clicking the 'FOOD' tab above! :)

  19. Loved knowing the tits and bits about you. The pictures are so natural and pretty!

  20. hahhaha,,Reading this post felt like somebody has written exactly what I feel whenever I end up shopping!!
    But a the end what matters the most is that we Love what we are doing.. Isn't it??? ;)

  21. To ALL you ladies
    thank you for the lovely comments!
    totally made my day :D

  22. What a lovely blog post to read. I too found a connection with a character in a book and it was like the author knew ME! That feeling that everything is just calling out your new is probably the most universal feeling to all shopaholics -me included. Thankfully I haven't had items sitting idle but I do have to wait for that perfect moment to come for me to use everything in my closet.

    Ps: lovely header!

  23. wow I cud hve never imagined comparing life wid shopping and yet u did it so well.

    Wow,,, tht is one hell of a wardrobe.. how do u manage all those clothes :)

    btw ure looking quite cute in the pics


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