Thursday, 7 June 2012

That too, was love

Aren't we all in this hope that maybe someone out there is waiting for us in the end?
Gazing into thin air I remembered the book 'EatPrayLove' beautifully written by Elizabeth Gilbert and there were two lines that got to me.
First being,
(Let us cross over)
The plain simple meaning of this word is to cross over but deeply thought it's crossing over pain that binds us, crossing over anxiety that threatens us, crossing over apprehensions that make their appearance once in a while, crossing over materialistic phases that life envelopes us in an adventurous way.

Second being,
"When you miss someone, give out all your love and light and then drop it"
Broken relationships, broken friendships, broken hearts, these feelings make us vulnerable so easily.
Sometimes reconciliation seems best but sometimes it's just about fine to ponder over the missed one. Recollect happiness and sadness, at that moment, in that span of time where you are most vulnerable, give out all your love and light to that person and drop it (surrender). Snap out of it and come back to reality. Keeping these emotions secluded will fail you, confront them instead. Don't allow them to waver around so that they can come back to haunt you later.

She didn't know what love was.
She was ignorant of the fact that people termed love as security and happiness.
She went out there and loved him.
Loved him with all her conscious being knowing that maybe the future ahead for them seemed to fade.
She cried, the tears rolled down her eyes periodically, for him, that too , was love.
Mixed memories invaded her peaceful mind, that too, was love.
She found herself smiling while thinking of him because that too, was love.
She had a lot to cross over : formalities, responsibilities, phases. However, with him nowhere in sight.
She realized that love is a feeling than possession as society claimed it to be.
She somehow didn't need him by her side because memories of him were filled to the brim and imprinted in her mind.
No one, not even God could vanish reminiscence.
He came, he loved, he left. 
She knew that some just came to leave.
When missing him, she gave out all her love and light to him whilst crossing over life.
Because that too, was love.


  1. Hey love. I absolutely adore this post, probably one of my favourite yet. I completely agree with you on what you said about not fighting away feelings of reminiscing because the deeper memories are buried, the harder it would be to get over them.

    This was beautiful. <3

  2. Well written ! Your writing inspires a lot and is very true.


  3. absolutely love the post!!! I haven't read the book but loved the lines which you quoted from the book.

  4. Wonderful. I read this through reader at first, and instantly loved it. :) Brilliant stuff girl!

    You write so well.

    The emotion!


  5. Beautifully expressed. i just got goosebumps reading it.
    Eat Pray Love is beautiful book.

  6. This is one of your best posts! Written so well and I can so relate to it. 'Love is a feeling than posession' Absolutely true. We just tend to confuse it!


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