Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Color Me Pretty

Colors : Doesn't it make one's life cheerful and bright?
A splash, hint, hue of colors in life makes it a beautiful place and when these same colors are incorporated in an outfit it takes it to a whole new level doesn't it?
They say the clothes you wear depict your mood, this time I felt happy and at ease with myself and so I
got this lovely floral high waist floral skirt custom made. Its sometime so much more easier, when you custom make any outfit it gives you a complete sense of possession. The outfit turns out to be exactly the way you perceived it. That's the beauty of it and so here I am wearing my custom made floral skirt.
Its fun and cheery and instantly dolls me up in this heat.

Black Top - Zara
Floral Skirt- Custom Made
Red Pumps- Zara
Neckpiece - Goa flea market
Belt- Vero Moda



Photo Credits : Shagun Nasta <3


  1. You look gorgeous, girl! Love love love that skirt. Ah, so jealous of you guys living in India with the resource of such amazing tailors!!x

    Love, Miffalicious. [miffalicious.wordpress.com]

  2. I love the skirt and neckpiece! I'm hunting for a good tailor for so long now!

    1. Thankyou :D
      find one soon, its pretty handy at times

  3. Do you mind me asking what size are you ?
    You're so pretty & I love your sense of style.

    I think your body structure is very similar to mine but you're extremely gorgeous (:

    1. Aw babe, thank you so much xx
      I really don't know my exact size
      guess its just an hourglass shape!

  4. Absolutely loving your style!!!
    The skirt and the neck piece is gorgeous:)

    visit: http://pen-twister.blogspot.in/


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