Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Thanks To Him

She was a naive little girl waiting to carve out a pretty little niche in this world.
But then something happened to her, which practically happens to each one of us and that is Life.

She was head over heels for him.
She gave out her little heart but Alas!
She didn't realize that he would use that little heart as a mere prop.

In time she realized that she had to get her heart broken in order to strengthen herself to put those broken pieces back in place.

The man made her cry, terribly and consistently.
She realized she didn't deserve those tears instead deserved someone who would wipe off those tears gently.

She dealt with her bad days alone.
She realized she needed someone who would make her laugh till her stomach hurts on days like these.

There were nights where she needed soothing words and small talks.
Being shunned away by him finally made her realize that she deserved so much more.

She realized that being self-centered was not a bad thing at all.
More so, people like him wouldn't dare meddle with her heart.

Well, she still remains naive.
She isn't afraid to go out there and love again.
She isn't flummoxed by her inhibitions.
She thanks him for the broken heart because now she knows exactly what she doesn't want from life.

She loves and it hurts all over again.
She's fearless and it finally dawned upon her that if life isn't a prick then it isn't worth living at all.

Thanks to him,
The broken heart.


  1. You've written it beautifully Suniti! And it's true, we need to get our hearts broken to become strong, to appreciate the good and really understand human relations :)

  2. Well written !

    Many times wee don't realize the value of something unless its broken or lost , and it's only then we LEARN how to put back those pieces together .

    Keep such ones coming .

    1. Aw, thanks
      will write out more such inspirational ones soon

  3. True Story Suniti. Very well written U make me proud :D

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  5. Brilliant! Could totally relate to it. Very well written, Suniti xx


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