Monday, 7 May 2012

Book Review : Quotes That Inspired Me

 Recently , I had this book borrowed from a friend, the reason I borrowed was because currently I had no other book to read and since I'm a novel junkie I just had to keep myself occupied in another world with pages of glorious writings. The book given to me was Cecelia's Ahern's : A Place Called Here.

Honestly this has been one of my least favorite read but still they are some lines that caught my eye. Cecelia Ahern is known for magical writing with simple language so these are the quotes that really made me think twice:

"The master of lying was caught in a web of lies that he had weaved for himself"         
       --  We've heard of this, haven't we?
 Sometimes the complication, irritation, complaints and misery traps us but you know what? We are more than 100 percent responsible for it. The point being we've let it fall on us and affect us so easily.
No one can prevent the inevitable but handling the situation is what matters. Sometimes , the diplomacy we create is so much more bigger than we think it is and we end up  being the victim in the silly game that we've created for ourself.

 "Belonging is important even if it meant joining a hopeless path"
      -- Well that happens to each one of us, we sometime always slip away in the wrong path just to belong. Joining a wrong path is fine but what is more important is that through the wrong path we need to find ourselves being swept to the right one. The world is filled with so many roads , and make sure the road you choose is the one where people accept you for who you are and not what they want you to become.

"It isn't wise to expend good energy while chasing bad thoughts"
    --  So many times when the good happens to us we doubt ourselves and ask , ' Do I really deserve this?'
and that is it. Negativity flows in polluting every positive cell in our brain diminishing the happiness. If its a good day embrace it without questions, if its a bad one, deal with it without questions. That's how simple it is.

 I know this hasn't been one of the best books I've read but if you like magical writing taking you to places like wonderland then go ahead and read it! As they say, every book is worth reading.



  1. "Belonging is important even if it meant joining a hopeless path"
    This one is the best <3

  2. Great book by Harper publication's..had some lovely flipkart coupons gifted to me by my old friend,

    Got this book, Just Loved it!!


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