Thursday, 3 May 2012


< I know this is a fashion blog but there isn't any harm in pouring out some feelings, is it? Splitting headache, never-ending cold and crankiness made me write this. A little thought that occurred and I continued writing about it. Read on and tell me how you feel about it >

Dissipation : The meaning of this word is the need to disappear with reference to feelings

Sometime, someplace and somehow we all want to dissipate. We all  have come across this so called feeling of dissipation. We might have encountered this many a times but this feeling was never described to you and I and solely because its indescribable.

So tell me, how can one describe loneliness? Where no one can be your ally?
Or a sensation a baby feels when the mother moves out of the room and the baby's heart throbs thinking he/she is left all alone?
How would a broken heart define the pain, grieve and despice felt?
How would a teenager describe the feelings of the on-going politics at high school?
How would a young boy really pour out his feelings to his confidant confidently when he is a victim of being bullied?
How would a baby in the womb thank the mother for haven eaten her favorite fruit or chocolate?
Could a woman going through therapy actually define the atrocities inflicted on her by her husband?
A successful man who had started from scratch and reached heights would dictate his success story without not leaving anything out?
Can a lover particularly elaborate the immense love for this wife?
A father could possibly depict his love by providing every single want of his child but could he say those emotions out loud?

The answer is Maybe and Maybe not.
Some can scream out loud and put across each and every single thing felt : the fiery passion, the blind love, the gutted feeling etc. While some choose to remain silent and bask in these deep emotions.Either way, a power is felt. A power so strong which behaves like a head start , keeps us moving , breaks us down and brings these broken pieces back together. The power is the ' feeling'.
We may come across so many feelings but it is actually up to us to decide which feelings are worth to be 'felt'. The strongest feeling felt would be dissipation. Dissipation because when felt ,a rage combined with fear travels through the brain and in no time reaches the heart. Escapsism indeed.
Isn't escapism something we all wish for? If not you, at least I do.
In the wee hours of night when the mind ticks to thinking all I want to do is escape.
Escape not from a love-filled family but the urge to escape from bitter-sweet reality.
Reality hits us, pricks us and tricks us.
Being a harsh turth, dissipation is an urge , where at some point we all want to set free or break through. It occurs when the mind and soul contradict each other and you're mindlessly left alone to make decisions that seem right and wrong to you. It refuses to be described, this feeling.
When felt it takes over the soul so quickly and makes everything look like its a flaw. This feeling is deep buried and everyone thinks that keeping it beneath a sheet of 'known feelings' is the safest way to lead a normal life.
Well is it so? Just because one thinks one can't change fate or escape , we give into nothingness? A nothingness filled of stress and worry?
Doomed accpetance is wronged and always will be.


There comes a point of satiety and that point leads us feeling dissipated. A feeling of running away from circumstances, a feeling of taking our own lives if that is the only option left to set us free, a feeling so strong that leaves our heart shallow. Never ever allow dissipation to occur onto onself.
How does one do that?
By doing things they love.
Right kind of dissipation relates to absorbing ourselves into doing things we love.
Small or big, huge or large , whatever it maybe never forget to do things you love.
Bursting bubbles, watching the sunset, squashing your stress in a game of squash, driving away out of town for quietness, lying in bed for two minutes to embrace silence, writing away to your heart's content , spilling your imagination on a piece of art etc.Whatever it is, don't ever forget the things you love because at the end of it , it is the web you weave for yourself and make sure that its comfortable and completely upto your liking.

A cluttered desk with spilled coffee, undone paper work and heaps of files.
Work had to be done, life had to be made, deadlines had to be met and bills had to be paid.
Rushing home, she flung her clothes and put on her ballet dress.
That dress made her feel enchanted and awed.
Entering the huge dance hall she realized that this was the kind of dissipation she loved.
Even with the incomplete work left behind, she felt complete. .


  1. Hon. This idea of dissipation is probably the reasons why writers write, artistes perform, painters paint. I have that feeling of wanting to run away all too often, and when that starts pulling me in, I try to turn it into something productive. I write. And clearly, you do too. Don't stop writing, you do it beautifully.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

    1. Thank you love <3
      This kind of writing surely keeps me happy, wont ever give up on this.

  2. Exactly how I have been feeling for the last few days..t run away from everything! But clearly that doesn't help! What we need to do is hold on and as you said find the right kind of dissipation!
    Beautifully written Suniti!

    1. Aw, babe find the right kind of dissipation for yourself and you will be fine
      take care, hun


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