Thursday, 18 April 2013


And it's been long since I gave in to your surrounding thought, I dive in, deep.
Rising back up, with emptiness.

I feel the same smack on my heart when I think of you. 
It’s been months that I’ve been in the comfort closet of your arms, and yet that comfort leads to a path of weariness in me.

The sudden flutter makes me wonder.
Are you the curator of my happiness?
Are you the force that makes me shrivel?
Is this lightly done with heavy heartedness, I’d never know because every syntax makes me want to crawl under the very wrinkles of your hand, they hold a story and they reach out to me. 
But how can I touch its very tip when I haven’t crossed over?

I take on the burden of lashings, silently. 

You bring out a silent ripple of smile in my heart, which is filled with tragedy till the very bottom.
You bring out the dimple on my face, which was long lost within the muscles that only extricated pain.
You bring out the constant lapping of drumrolls in my ear, which were deaf to the sound of laughter.

You do this, all of this.
And part away.

Now I question my being,
For what is the use of this being, when being with you isn’t being?

Words of consolation,
Words of support and words of condolence, all go in vain.
Because nobody ever understands a part of life until they’ve walked and strived down the same lane.

So I keep hearing and smiling because that’s only left of me.
But I also keep thinking,
Because that’s only left of you.

You did this, all of this.
And parted away.

I snuggle back in, in the hoax of memories,
Where attachment is perfect and reality’s a dream.
With a disheveled heart, I’m waiting to be saved,
By someone,
In a world,
Where tears and emotions are doomed.

Because of the sole reason being,
You did do this, all of this.
And parted away.


  1. I'm so glad to see you posting on your blog again, my dearest. Some very powerful lines here to evoke strong emotions. You're growing, both as a thinker, and as a writer. It's lovely.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

    1. Thank you Miff,
      this means so much <3

  2. The words fit perfectly together, I could feel your thoughts and emotions.
    The questions were powerful and enchanting.

    You have a way with words Suniti :)




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