Friday, 26 April 2013


With over a billion things speeding across my mind,

 I think about the thrill of certain emotions that catch me through.  The way it suddenly grasps me within seconds leading me towards my very own invented world. It makes me reside there, for awhile, letting me glide down swiftly back on the steps of reality.

I think about the very responsibility that is drowned on me. It is surprising and yet enchanting. It makes me want to wander about the curious ways of this nature, making me re-think of how it throws away all the planned plans in a blink of an eye. And I believe that I may never understand its mysterious ways and in a way I agree to live under the shade of darkness : of the unknown.

I think about visualization. Yes. It’s imaginative and it certainly possesses no boundaries when it comes to just believing and hoping. It makes me want to take in all the positivity, leaving me charmed by the impossible.

I think about routine, of how the everyday passes with over several things taking place and yet the sun and the moon are so seemingly stationary without losing their beauty of light and warmth.

I think about the summer. The vacation that will soon be approaching that will allow me to experience the incredible. I smile when I think of summer-wear , florals, pink and the beach.

And here I am, prone to wander.
With over a billion things speeding across my mind. 

What about your state of mind, that current thought wavering around!?

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  1. Very introspective tone of voice, S. I like this!

    Love, Miffalicious. []


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