Thursday, 6 September 2012

SPYRA Store Launch

A normal usual college day turned out to be an awe-filled day with the launch of the SPYRA store. “Expect The Unexpected” and that is exactly what happened here. On entering the store before I could grasp the elegant décor work I couldn’t help but sway my eyes around the glittering jewelry and colorful ethnicity clothing at the store. Apart from the endearing place the collection launched at the store is their newest collection. The much spoken about SPYRA brand has finally launched its store where now one can easily walk in and pick out their desired piece of jewelry. When you twirl around you see splashes of pretty colors with co-ordinated jewelry pieces.

The Arrangement

Beautiful Arrangements of Bracelets


The good news being that SPYRA is in collaboration with SuviArya (a clothing line). What’s so special about this? It isn’t just a normal store with clothes and jewelry, the word ‘collaboration’ is taken into literal meaning and is visibly seen in their work. They basically collaborate SPYRA’s jewelry with SuviArya’s clothing and transform it into solely an immaculate individual piece. Brilliant isn’t it? Apart from this, one can also browse through their individual collections and pick one’s choice. 

This stunning gown below is from SuviArya's collection and the co-ordinated SPYRA piece goes flawlessly with it. When you have your clothes already matched amazingly with your accessories, what more do you need?

The Co-ordinated Piece


The beauty of this event being that SuviArya’s and SPYRA’s designers will be at the store all the time helping their customers make their choice that perfectly suits them and in some cases custom-make certain pieces too!  Even if you walk in confused into this store , you would surely go out with something you’re happy to possess. 
Also they were refreshments of cute cupcake settings and an array of assorted snacks.

The store is located at Khar Danda Road, Mumbai.
Go on and have a self-indulgent experience! 

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