Friday, 14 September 2012

Fiction Series : Story Three

                                                                                   The Facade

It's a sunny morning right now, so sunny that the light penetrating through my skin leaves the intensity of heat on its layer. It feels warm but when the same sunlight shines way beyond its boundaries the burning sensation arises. Experiences in life leave you settled , sometimes unhappy and sometimes thrilled but with me , it has left me with him. 
"You and him were meant to be together"
"Oh dear, he would be the most compatible one could ever find for you"
"You are made for each other"
These cliches as said by others keep rattling in my ears, loud and almost to the point where it deafens me. It makes me want to believe that the togetherness between him and I is perfect. Well, perfect is too little a word to explain the detailing surrounding it.

Where now the kajal perfectly resides has been blackened by the same perfect man, the lip shade that has been flawlessly set has been scarred where underneath it lies his sadistic pleasure. My blush-on performs an eloquent job of overshadowing the redness on my skin but when the moon sets in and the lights go out, even my own reflection compels me to see the truth, the truth that I wish I could escape from. However his rage continues to leave an impression on me, deep and agonizing.

The torments are never-ending, the heart and mind are restless, my eyes flutter for aid, my hands shiver for support. Afflictions carry on and so does my facade.

Laugher and smiles on the periphery.
Tears and despair in my deep rooted system of emotions, gone with the wind. Unnoticed. 

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  1. I'm so glad you are taking time off to write, love. Your talent grows with every passing day.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. The dress is lovely! What I love most in these pictures is your gorgeous hair!
    Hope we meet soon..


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