Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fiction Series - Story One

So this time I am introducing something called fiction series, these series consist of short ten stories they are a new addition to the blog to make it a little more unusual than the 'used to' seen posts. Your comments and view are very well appreciated, till then, immerse yourself in a short read :)

                                                           CYCLE OF PAIN

It had been a happy day for her. She would always frown upon early mornings and start her day off in a jiffy but now she could suddenly feel the grogginess melting away with every thought of him. Waking up to the warmth of the morning sunlight, she smiled. The smiling in the mornings was unusual for her because every night before going to bed she would whine about the early wake up call but now her body didn't mind the early rise because she knew what waited for her, him.

That particular morning she spent a little extra time in her walk-in closet scrutinizing every piece of cloth before putting it on. She didn't need to look her best, she just wanted to. The cascading thoughts of last night mellowed her down, she could still sense his touch. The memory of last night was fresh, fresh as the tiny dew drop on her window, fresh as the arriving spring and fresh in a way that the memories formed a little cocoon in her heart and she encountered the detailing time and time again.

Hands intertwined, she was blissfully feeling the contour of his lips. His hug transported her to another world, a world where there would be recollection of his thoughts. His small murmurs had her blush. His assurance made her shyness seem a silly thing now*

How they had gotten to this stage no one knew but then again analysis of it didn't matter because her had ruched her wounds. He had so delicately decorated her mind and soul with his memories that her vacuumed heart was no longer filled with a sense of existing but it was filled with a sense of living. She believed that his longing for her was more than a desire, it contained depth or so she'd like to believe. In her conscious being the heartbreak she had succumbed to was terrifying and right now whichever ray of light seeped through her window she caught hold of it, assuring then reassuring herself that this time it was different.

Looking at her reflection she was pleased with the way she looked. Her fitted high waist skirt clung onto her body, her loose satin maroon blouse with a side bow added some style and her favorite pair of black pumps completed her look , providing  her the elevation.

After a while at work, the office desk and files added more to her anxiety. She just had to talk to him. Her curiosity and apprehension was out of control, she had to confront her feelings right now or she could never bear the 'it's too late' trauma. The walk to his office had probably been one of the hardest walk in her life. She couldn't do a thing about the flustered thoughts that surrounded her head, she just had to get her heart sorted.

He looked up from his working desk and gave her a half-hearted smile.
Seeing him she thought, "I shouldn't have barged in right now, he will probably think I am this crazy woman waiting to get answers"
He walked towards her and offered her a seat and sat beside her.
He said, "I need to tell you something."

Maybe this is all a joke, he needs to say something what could that 'something' be? what exactly would be say right now? Hates me? Likes me? Loves me? Oh no, love is a little too early but the liking part could just suit well for now.

"About last night..."
Last night was like an absolute delirious dream, I am filled with ecstasy, is he? Why is he taking so long to say something? I hate pauses, pauses should be banned during a serious conversation, how they make my heart flinch.

"It was a mistake."

Parts of her heart were strewn away, again.
The after thought of this trauma seemed of little concern now.
Her cries last night made no difference to anyone around the world? After all who would pay heed to it? And even if someone did, the advice would probably be 'move on'
She was tired of this 'moving on' business because she always ended up with tears.
Tears for a man who abandoned her, tears for a man who so indifferently sidelined her without giving it much thought.
She laughed at her cries.
How could she abruptly love a man for one night so very much and loathe him the very next day?
Now she builds a wall around herself, enough of tries.
She needs to nurture her heart for it wasn't meant to be broken and mended all the time.
Cries, calming her down, left her numb and she fell asleep with those tears trickling down her eyes.
Next morning she woke up for work feeling groggy, feeling feelingless.

Alas! The cycle of pain was a recurring chapter in her life.


  1. I LOVE the poem part because I so so so relate to it. I'm just glad knowing I'm not the only one who feels like this!
    Written beautifully yet again Suniti!

  2. The way you've written is so fluid and so rhythmic..and the climax at the end took me by surprise!
    I love this new series, keep it up doll.

  3. OUCH!
    I actually pictured her, wincing as he paused, the heartbreak when he carelessly said that it was a mistake. :/
    I feel so bad.
    The way you've narrated it is REALLY excellent!
    Love the new series, looking forward to more! :D

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  4. Wow! I just loved this piece and the new section!
    I could see the whole scene in front of my eye! Touching!

  5. Boy oh boy did i love the cruel ending or what ^.^

    Yes am a cynical bitter person.

  6. Ouch! I've been through this cycle of pain too. Thank God its over.

    Beautifully written. :)


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