Monday, 23 April 2012

Jewelry Fetish


Ladies the current trend that I am obsessing over is the collar trend and I happen to find a twist to this, the twist being that I found accessories that look like collars, fantastic, isn't it?

I am always been fascinated by jewelry and looking at SPYRA's newest collection I am not only fascinated but also drooling over such beauty. I was glad to assist their shoot and I wore some pieces on myself to get the feel of it. It was thrilling and here you can see me showcasing their newest collection inspired by Indian fusion.

                                                                     TIPS ON ACCESSORIES

* a metallic accessory compliments a rugged look very well.

* bright colored accessores are best worn with subtle palettes. The sole purpose being the accessory to stand out

* When wearing a choker accesrrory , put on studs to the ears instead of long ones.

* even though the colors are great on accessor it is also very important to purchase good staple colors of black, bronze and gold. They're
classic and somehow would always adjust with the look

* one current trend that i am in love with it wearing more that one or two kadas on on one hand. it gives the look an edge

* while wearing chunky neck pieces make sure your look is very clean and structed.

Here , have a look at these pieces I am currently fawning over.

Also these pieces may be over the top but they're such beauty, aren't they?
You can check out their Facebook page:-



  1. In love with the second one! So pretty!

  2. i'm in love with all these beautiful they are..they can jazz up any simple outfit in a second:)

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  3. Love the 1st one!


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