Friday, 13 April 2012

InFB Remix : Florals

                                                    FLORALS WITH A PASTEL TWIST

I saw a previous post of the Indian Fashion Bloggers and this time it was all about florals.
I don't actually possess a lot of florals in my wardrobe but this was kind of a challenge for me and I went straight to my closet for some real digging.
And there I find this pastel floral frill top. What a wonder!
Honestly, never worn before and never seen before on me as well.
So here I am, sporting something girly as well it help keeps me stay fashionable this summer.

Many always ask me , why jeans?
The answer is I can live in them. They're like second skin to me and that is the reason I sport skinnys a lot. 

                                                                  OUTFIT DETAILS

I have always had this complex regarding my arms, thinking they're too huge and that somehow has always refrained me from wearing sleeveless tops and tubes. 
Later on, one realizes its not the clothes you wear , its how you wear them.
Once you know the pros and cons of your body , I think sporting any look that you can portray or carry off is not an impossible task after all.
So finally here I am wearing a Forever New frilly floral top with Zara skinnys.

I love metallic and I had a splash of that with a metallic neckpiece purchased from Spyra.
I carried an old clutch purchased from Bangkok and my mom's vintage ruby and emerald ring.

And my neon shoes from Forever New as well.

Jeans - Zara
Top - Forever New
Ring - Vintage
Neckpiece - Spyra
Clutch - Bangkok purchase
Shades - Rayban

Shoes : ForeverNew

Metallic Neckpiece : Spyra

Ring : Vintage , Clutch : Bangkok

Shades : Rayban

The ensemble



  1. I agree with the jeans being second skin. I feel the same! You look fabulous. Great styling and super cute shoes! Love

  2. Hi :)
    I love this post so much - you look summer-ready! You've got a great blog going here btw - keep up the great work! I'm following you right away :D Do check me out at

  3. loved your floral top and neckpiece is really pretty:)
    nice post:)

    following you :)
    Elegance Stylized

  4. I have a complex regarding my arms too :/ Though I do wear sleeveless tops/dresses once in a while! I love how you've styled the floral top with the clutch and ring and I luurrvve your neckpiece!

    1. Thankyou
      But then we've got to overcome our insecurities and style them well ;)

  5. WOW! So cool. I love the neckpiece <3

    1. You could purchase this

  6. Wow! You look awesome suniti!:D
    I love the neckpiece tell namo i want it! :D

  7. U luk amazing .. I loved the clutch in your hands .. Happy blogging . Take care =)


  8. I Love the necklace and the bag :)

  9. Loved the styling...and that necklace...ahhh I want them ;)

  10. Love your blog and love your dressing sense :)


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