Thursday, 9 February 2012


Certainly can't wait for Spring and Summer.
This year in fashion it is gonna be surrounded with sheer elegance and edgy looks.
The world's greatest designers Spring-Summer collection is out and after doing a little research,the Maxi dresses are going to be back for this season and oh don't forget The Reptile Skin. YES! And I am going to indulge the reptile skin clothing look soon enough because it sure does amuse me.

Anyway ladies, taking you from Elegance to Edgy..
The Floral Maxi and Reptile Skin Inspired Maxi
Have a look :)

Spring-Summer'12 by Valentino

Spring-Summer'12 by Basil Soda
Wow I'm loving this transition from elegance to edgy...
Are you?

Kisses from Fashion Amore,


  1. The maxi has always been a favourite of mine! x

    1. Not much for me but will experiment this season :D

  2. Yay! I love maxis. I'd wear them even if they weren't in!

  3. hey doll!!
    I love maxi skirts the most...long flowy ones..

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