Thursday, 12 January 2012

Alice Temperley's Creations

Hello Lovelies,
After the creation of the Kate Middleton's ( Duchess of Cambrige) gown , i looked up on Alice Temperley's creations out of curiosity and fell in love with it.
She is a British designer and she very well incorporates a sophisticated style with bold colors with a vintage feel. Not a great lover of vintage clothing but this style certainly doesn't miss my eye.
Have a look at some of her creations and tell me if you like them too :)

I am totally falling in love with this British feel
Are you ? :)
 Fashion Amore tip : Sometimes to opt for a vintage & sophisticated look is not a bad thing at all. Just need to get the colors right.



  1. Even I am not that fond of vintage. But this collection is amazing. I love all of it <3


  2. Yes i certainly agree with all of you :)
    these pieces are stunning


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