Saturday, 14 January 2012

Accessorize It.

Neck Piece : Emporio Armani    
Sometimes when we dress up , we somehow always tend to give more importance to our clothes and shoes. That's very natural because it happens with most of us. But somehow in all this chaos we don't realize that we are underestimating the power of an accessory.
Well that thing could be a small one or something big but when worn with the right balance of colors then it can make you stand out beautifully.

Some tips while picking accessories.
1. Make sure the accessory you choose is durable and its good when quality concerned because if certain pieces last you long then you carry on wearing them for years with different styles.
2. Sometimes pick up evergreen pieces which would never go out of style and are elegant enough.
3. You could always ask information about the beads or stones concerning the product. You have every right to know if its really durable or just some cheap piece. Pick up few but worthy ones.
4. Pick up some colorful accessories too because you could pair them with muted tones and make it look appealing and then the actual piece itself stands out.
5. Finally, never underestimate its power because it can always add an 'Oomph' in  your outfit other than your shoes or clothes.

So sometimes its completely fine to indulge in your accessory shopping because it always diversifies your look and keeps it funky.
Tell me your views about the tips , would appreciate it :)


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