Monday, 21 October 2013

Fiction Series : Story Ten

( This has been one of those random moments where you just pen something down about something that has been in the back of your mind, for long. And then, some opportunity comes along and then you are compelled to write it down, well here it is. Wrote this small voice-over piece for a movie that I had to make for my course. A small story because sometimes less words is indeed necessary to just about put it out there. Hope you like it! )

 A caged tension is all it is, with surrounding thoughts ablaze and my love for art a waste. 

I've already felt this in my veins, where dreams are obscured because of society's gaze. 

So I thrust upon this world my irritation, for perhaps I never understood what it was to own up for real.

It was simple for me and tied down by them, for those who couldn't comprehend. 

So I sit here and all I think of are these layers of the past, haunting down my swift road at last. 

I concentrate but it's all a dump for my heart cannot bear this thump. 

Trudging along this footpath is all I have left, for every step I take is my compensation for what I adhered to when little, when I could shout and scream and not make my dream so belittle.

It seems like I have no choice left, only to feel it in my hands and sigh the heartfelt.

I hear a voice creep within me , 'Why so serious?' and it breeds within me. I take a shot and let it fly, like a bird, as free as the high sky.

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