Saturday, 7 January 2012

Winter Love

Hello lovelies,
In Bombay its been awfully cold and i am thoroughly enjoying it. The pleasant weather and warm sun is definitely getting to me. Most of the time Ive been sitting in my jammies and relishing on cookies and cream and enjoying every bit of it. But oh boy, how i love sometimes to dress up in this weather to keep myself warm.
This weather is the perfect balance of pleasant wind combined with a warm sun, so i don't have to overdo it , I just dress the minimal and keep myself cozy and comfortable.
How have you girls been keeping up?
Some winter tips :
1.Winter or coming spring , just go with the flow and keep it simple with bold colors and contrast.
2. Don't play with too many colors as this weather depicts ease and comfort, opt for pastels,greys and black.
3. Apply kajal , tons of it because it accentuates your eyes amazingly.
4.However add a dash of color with your bags and accessorizes
5. Let your hair down, it looks beautiful that way :)
6.Legwarmers and cardigans could help really well.
And ofcourse don't forget to visit the sales happening in Mango , ZARA, Veromoda and Only. The autumn winter collection is out there.
Have the most coziest winter ever and some sinful self-indulgence would really help too to help you ease out a bit and enjoy this climate.
Stay classy,

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