Friday, 25 November 2011

Subtlety To Sexy

Well usually the perception goes like "oh my god ,you need to show a little to actually feel sexy or look sexy" but sometimes that does really work.With people who have a great bod and some amazing set of legs or arms can carry it off so perfectly. But what about the general women? Well all of us don't possess the perfect or model-like body even though all of us so wish to possess it. Some work towards it and some work towards their clothes. Well both work
 You need not actually have a great body to wear great clothes and look good in them. Sometime you need to learn to play with all the kind of cuts and fabrics and KNOW YOUR BODY WOMEN!
Be smart and sassy when picking clothes. Sometimes all of us go by what's in fashion but do we really wait a second and care to think , 'what's really in fashion with ME? Does that short
dress actually look good on me ? Does my ass actually fits perfectly in this pair of jeans?'
Sometimes play a little game with yourself while shopping, you don't really need to shop but
just go out there and explore and try on the best clothes with your perfect sizes and actually see how you feel in it, firstly its always been about Comfort!
Okaaayy i know you're wearing this amazing ,smashing LBD but look at you! You can't breathe.
Never ever force yourself into a garment. That's the worst crime you can do to yourself
play it easy and smooth.
Coming back to sexy, as i said you need not always wear sexy clothes
work your curves, put them to use at the best places and see wonders
The pic above , i think this is absolutely stunning and sexy and elegant at the same time
its like from office wear to party wear.
Always own a nice formal skirt but don't forget to play it up a little with colors and
You can pair it up with anything
Also never underestimate a jewel piece because it can take your dress from whoa to WOW!
Sometimes even a well-fitted knee length dress wears! Let it be fitted at the right sides that hide your flaws really well.
Remember Less is More
Never ever over do it.
You really don't know where your heading with so much playing around your body!
And as Coco Chanel says " As long as a woman is confident, she is sexy" <3
PS: never forget to add your amazing smile and a pinch of attitude to look just about subtle and sexy!
Stay Classy


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